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STSTW Media understands the importance of privacy. For those concerned with the sharing of data this Privacy Policy underlines the information we collect about our online users. This occurs when the website is visited and our content or services are used. As our name suggests many of our stories have instances of crime, punishment and gore. For this reason, STSTWorld.com is intended for adults only – all data, products and services are not intended for children. It is not recommended for anyone below the age of thirteen to access our content. Please read the following policy if you wish to know more.

Personal Information

Some sections of our website may ask for personal details. Any information collated and relating to an individual (i.e. Name, E-mail, telephone number) will not be shared among third parties. STSTW Media has the authority to use any collected information however.

Automatically Collected Information

As with personal information STSTW Media and our service providers will sometimes use technologies to collect additional information. This can include IP addresses and other identifiers like browser information, software and hardware data, mobile device identifiers and location services etc. This information will be stored and implemented for the main reason of making our services faster and easier to navigate for an individual. It will be more relevant to the interest of the visitor. We also offer the advantage of being able to register and log in via various social media platforms. In this event the user ID of said platform may be collected as well as any information associated on that platform. This will only be the case if information from the social media platform is set to public.

STSTW Media – as with most websites – use cookies, a technology which allows websites to retain user data. Again, this is to enhance the quality and speed of our website. Users have the choice to reject or clear cookies. Moreover, most browsers have a feature to allow you to browse without using cookies. However, without the use of cookies, some services will be limited. You are in control to allow us to send you cookies or not. However, if you do not accept cookies from us, your use of some of our services will be limited.

Public User Content

STSTW Media contains interactive sections which allow our visitors to add personal information. This information will become public domain and henceforth be able to be collected by STSTW Media as well as other online presences. Please exercise caution when using such features.