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From Textiles to Mercedes, Tata Motors Have Come a Long Way

BY Bir Singh April 3, 2019
Tata Motors: Tata Mercedes Benz buses.

Tata Mercedes Benz buses. (Tata Motors / Sajha Yatayat)

Imagine a workplace where ethics and enterprise go hand in hand. Where, moving with the time, even ahead of time, is the norm. Where core competence is forever growing and reaching out to the untouched and the unexplored frontiers. Where hearts and minds work in harmony for the welfare of people at large. The place is Tata Motors.

Expansion from one business vertical to another was smooth

The long journey of the Tata Group in Automobile segment began with the first truck rolling out in 1954.  It carried the Mercedes logo as TELCO then had technical collaboration with Daimler Benz (brand name Mercedes Benz), a German Manufacturer. The trade name was switched to ‘T’ for Tata in 1969. Tata 407, launched in 1986, and called just 407 in general reference, was a game-changer. An indigenously built light commercial vehicle, it outdid Indo-Japanese models like Eischer-Mitsubishi, DCM Toyota, Swaraj Mazda and Allwyn-Nissan. Tata Sumo, the first multi-utility vehicle with 8 and 10 seat variant was launched in 1994.  Then came the Mercedes Benz car E220 in 1995. Tata Indica, the first fully India made passenger car hit the road in 1998. The much awaited and talked about people’s car, Nano, costing just a lakh rupees, was launched in January 2008. A new range of World standard trucks was rolled out in May 2009, and India’s first Sports car – Racemo in 2017.

Tata Motors today

As of now over 4 million Tata vehicles of diverse utility are running on Indian Roads. Company’s manufacturing, sale and after-sale service has pan India presence. Following listing on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2004, Tata Motors became an International Automobile Company. It is operating in the UK, South Korea, Thailand and Spain through subsidiaries and associate companies. In 2005, Tata Motors entered into a collaboration with Hispano, a reputed bus and coach manufacturer of Spain.

Hand in hand with defence forces

A sanguine partner to the Indian Armed Forces, Tata Motors has supplied over 1.5 lakh vehicles, including fully armoured combat vehicles to the Indian army, paramilitary and the police. World-class trucks like Prima, Ultra, Signa and Tata Ace (mini-truck), India’s first CNG bus, a Hydrogen fuel cell bus, and a wide range of Electric and Hybrid locomotives are hallmarks of Tata Motors.The Company’s commercial and passenger vehicles are being exported to several countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia and South America.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) executed with the utmost sincerity

Story of Tata Motors is incomplete without an appraisal of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) package. Tata subscribes to nation building through sustainable development, inclusive growth and social equity. Empowerment of women and SC/ST community through agriculture and allied activities, vocational training in marketable trades, and engagement with all levels of formal education is the keynote of CSR. Tata Motors is a signatory to United Nations Global Compact and is committed to community development and rural uplift as enshrined in the principles of the Global Compact.

Humble to the core

A string of milestones, sterling achievements and Awards apart, the downright humility of Group leaves you spellbound. Group’s advertisements are unique and relate to a common man in simple words. These end with modest one-liners like: and we also make steel. …We also make tomorrow…. Value abled – Values stronger than steel.

Indeed, values say it all. Miracles happen when plans and policies are value driven. When innovation is the watchword and concern for the environment is paramount. Steeled by values, Tata Motors is all braced up with vision and technology, to move into the future.

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