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The Philadelphia Experiment: When an American Navy ship Supposedly Teleported

BY Venkat Pulapaka July 18, 2019

In October 1943, the United States Navy is believed to have intentionally teleported the US Navy destroyer escort ‘USS Eldridge’ from Philadelphia to Norfolk and back in a flash. Some people believe the incident was a hoax. Others believed that it was a figment of the imagination of a ravings lunatic.

But, some other continue to believe that the teleporting of the USS Eldridge did occur and feel that there is a large conspiracy around it only to cover it up.

An American legend

Whatever may be the case, the story of the Philadelphia Experiment has become an American legend. So, is it a real story?

The plausibility that the Philadelphia Experiment did happen is backed by the clear public mistrust of the American federal government and the US Defense forces.

The two individual bodies had over years admitted to carrying out innumerable unethical experiments either on their own citizens or on their soldiers.

It is interesting to note that the claims of the experiment’s legitimacy are linked to Albert Einstein and to a secret technology that has a scientific theory. But, it continues to remain out of reach for the scientific community even today.

Einstein’s “unified field theory”

The experiment is believed to be based on Einstein’s “unified field theory” (UFT). The UFT was never proven by Einstein or anybody else. The theory attempts to join together the forces of electromagnetism and gravity into one fundamental field.

The UFT basically explains everything about the very nature of the universe, about human beings, how we are made of and where we come from.

Also that everything is connected. UFT points out that there are infinite beings living in an infinite universe and that we have an infinite relationship with them at all scales and all times. Because everything in this world is connected by space and it goes into the nature of what that space is. How that space is structured? The dynamics in the space. The density of the space. The geometry of the space.

The Philadelphia Experiment

A few weeks later, on October 28 of 1943, the experiment was conducted again. In Norfolk, Virginia, some men aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth are believed to have seen a ship suddenly appear in the water in Norfolk. The disappearance from Philadelphia and then the teleportation to Norfolk are said to be two dissimilar functions of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Meaning, the disappearance may not have been the result of the teleportation. Rather it came before it.

Soon after the USS Eldridge reached Norfolk waters, it is believed that something went strangely wrong. Some of the sailors just vanished during the trip. Some others are believed to have gone mad. Few more kept becoming invisible only to reappear later on.

A different version of the Philadelphia Experiment

As per a different version of the Philadelphia Experiment, the USS Eldridge was fitted with large generators. This was part of a top-secret mission. The idea was to win the Battle of the Atlantic at any cost.

As per rumours aboard the ship, the generators were believed to have been designed to power a new kind of magnetic field. This could make the warship invisible to radar technology of the enemy. It was time to test the system in broad daylight with the full crew on board. The powerful generators were switched on and they hummed into action.

What happened next is said to have baffled scientists and spread rumours for decades.

As per eye-witnesses, an eerie green-blue glow surrounded the hull of the battleship. Then, in an inexplicable manner and instantaneously the Eldridge is said to have vanished into thin air.

Several hours later, reports on the Eldridge briefly appearing in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and immediately reappearing back at Philadelphia spread far and wide.

As per classified military reports, crew members of the battleship suffered from horrifying burns and even disorientation. Some more were believed to have become fused with the ship.

Either this is a true incident or it could also be a false story.

Carlos Allende claims to be a witness to the experiment

A decade after the experiment is believed to have taken place; the story of the Philadelphia Experiment came to light through a disreputable man called Carlos Allende (pseudonym) or Carl M. Allen.

Writing a detailed description of the experiment in his 50 handwritten letters, Carlos claimed he was a witness aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth when the USS Eldridge got teleported to Norfolk and back.

He mailed his description to the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research and author and amateur astronomer Morris K. Jessup. A year earlier, Jessup had published a book titled “The Case for the UFO”. In his letters, Carlos is said to have criticised Jessup’s understanding of UFT.

Soon after that, common people got hold of it, and the story took off in spite of the several unlikely developments described in Carlos’s letter.

A conspiracy is born

It was Carlos who claimed that the Philadelphia Experiment was made possible by Einstein’s UFT. In order to prove that a UFT existed, Allende is said to have told Jessup in his letters of his eyewitness account of the disappearance of the Eldridge from the Philadelphia in 1943.

Carlos’s letter is said to have explained how the US military used Einstein’s theory to teleport an entire naval destroyer along with its crew. This is the first-ever written statement on the Philadelphia Experiment. Strangely, though, there were no other witnesses of the alleged event.

Jessup is believed to have attempted a investigate Carlos’s claims, but dropped the idea in the late 1950s. Sadly, though, Jessup got badly hurt in a car accident and in 1959 committed suicide. Carlos, however, continued to live until 1994. He never gave up his habit of writing letters to anyone who showed interest in his bizarre tale of the Philadelphia Experiment.

No evidence of teleporting

Like most US Navy ships in war times, The USS Eldridge had a detailed log of where it was positioned in October of 1943. These logs are open to common people to study.

As per the logs, USS Eldridge was not in Philadelphia waters in October of 1943. The SS Andrew Furuseth was also not stationed in Norfolk waters when the Eldridge was there.

Other evidence shows that the experiment did not take place. A man named Lieutenant Junior Grade William S. Dodge, who commanded a Liberty ship at the time of the teleporting experiment, claimed in his letter that neither his crew nor he ever saw any strange developments at Norfolk in Virginia.

Following these developments, the Office of Naval Research, US investigate the issue, but they failed to find any evidence of the experiments in teleportation.

For the American Navy, the Philadelphia Experiment did not happen

It is always interesting or exciting to talk of invisible ships. But the truth is not as we expect. So, as far as the American Navy is concerned, the Philadelphia Experiment did not take place and the teleporting technology does not exist.

However, one cannot put down a good hoax like the Philadelphia Experiment. It has all of the signs of a lie:
1) a single witness, 2) a secret government plot, and 3) pseudoscientific revelations possibly from alien sources.

Interestingly, the World Wide Web is certainly home to dozens of dubious websites that are dedicated to the unknown facts on the Philadelphia Experiment.

Film on Philadelphia Experiment

In 1984, the Philadelphia Experiment was popularised in a bizarre but low-budget film. Later, in 2012 there was a sequel on Syfy channel movie on the subject.

In the 1984 movie titled “The Philadelphia Experiment,” two men on a ship travel forward in time as a result of the experiment. The film, directed by Stewart Raffill, was written by Michael Janover (screenplay) and William Gray (screenplay). Actors Michael Paré, Nancy Allen and Eric Christmas starred in the movie.

The fate of the USS Eldridge

The fate of the USS Eldridge was more or less short-lived. Official records show that in 1951 the ship was given to Greece. There it was renamed as HS Leon. Greece engaged the ship in several Cold War missions. Later, it was decommissioned and sold as scrap. Overall, the ship was in service for 50 years.

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