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Nemo 33: Swimming Pool with Oceanic and Underwater Cave Simulations

BY Astaaq Ahmed September 25, 2019
Nemo 33

Top view of the Nemo 33 swimming pool. (Sergey Markov / Wikimedia Commons)

Anyone who has ever gone deep sea diving knows how brilliant the experience really is. The chance to swim with unique wildlife, see a portion of the earth that not many have the chance of seeing, is definitely something to boast about. While many are captivated by the abundant wonders that lie beneath, there are many that are equally petrified at the thought of taking the leap. But what if I were to tell you that there is a place in the world, where one can go experience a dive without the need to jump into the middle of the ocean? Cue, Nemo 33.

Nestled in the hustle bustle of Brussels, Nemo 33, was designed and built by expert diver John Beernaerts in 2004. It held the record for the being the world’s deepest indoor pool, until being dethroned by the Y-40 in 2014. The construction of the colossal structure took about 7 years to complete, and cost over $3 million to build.

Primarily, the pool was built as a multi-purpose diving instruction complex, complete with all sorts of obstacles and simulations. That said, the pool has now become a popular tourist destination, with many flocking the area for recreational purposes. The pool has also been used multiple times in scores of film productions.

It held the record for the being the world’s deepest indoor pool, until being dethroned by the Y-40 in 2014. (John Greenwood / Wikimedia Commons)

As mentioned above, the core idea of building the pool was to give people an opportunity to experience a dive without actually jumping into the ocean. For this reason, the pool was customised with special areas that simulate being in the sea. At its deepest, the pool extends almost a whopping 34.5 meters into the Earth. In addition to this, the pool also has two large platforms that reach lighter depths of about 5 meters and 10 meters, with built-in cave simulations. Further, the pool has the capacity to hold over 2.5 million litres of filtered spring water.

While this may not be the “complete package” so to speak, it does give novice divers an opportunity to really experience a dive firsthand, especially in a landlocked country like Belgium. One can take the plunge here at very nominal rates, and bring home an experience of a lifetime.

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