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Dinner in the Sky: The Thrill of Partying in a Crane Lift

BY Bir Singh August 24, 2019
Dinner in the Sky in Latvia.

People enjoying dinner at Dinner in the Sky restaurant, Latvia. (Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr)

Food was central to the existence of prehistoric man. From the central position, the food got increasingly marginalized as man became civilized. With the Industrial Revolution 200 years back, food became an industry, and food insecurity became a thing of past. Eating out (of home) became popular and trendy. Food got clubbed with fun, and in time, to adventure. Welcome to a heady combo of food, fun and adventure – Dinner in the Sky, a Belgian based Novelty restaurant.

A delightful mix of food with adventure

Rated as one among the top ten unusual restaurants worldwide, Dinner in the sky (DITS) is an open platform with canopy, offering fun time and dinner 150 feet above the ground. The platform is taken to this height by the arm of a crane machine to which it is suspended by ropes. Launched in 2006, DITS was a business deal between Hakuna Matata (a communications agency covering the food and beverages) and Fun Company (engaged in erecting amusement parks with the help of crane machines). This gave a platform to 22 restaurant owners of Europe to showcase their cooking skills. The extravaganza began in Belgium, but as of now, is franchised to 40 cities worldwide, including Bengaluru in India.

Dinner in the Sky restaurant hoisted by a crane.

The novelty restaurant being hoisted by a crane. (Alastair Campbell / Flickr)

The joy ride is expensive and subscribes to laid down health parameters

For Eating-in-the-sky, the Enthusiasts must conform to a set of guidelines. They must be above 18 years of age, and in good health. Body height shouldn’t be less than 145 cm, and body weight shouldn’t exceed 150kg. Pregnant ladies, the faint-hearted and those afraid of heights should abstain from the ride. As for tariff, be ready to shell out a princely amount. Take the case of DITS Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It offers 3 classes for the aerial dining: economy, business and first-class. The price tags are 88, 136 and 231 USD respectively. For DITS Bengaluru a mocktail session costs 3,999 per person and the cost of dinner is a whopping 6,999 per person.

Seating capacity is limited, it’s only for 22

Dinner in the Sky restaurant preparation.

A worker preparing the table. (Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr)

On-the-ground, DITS is a rectangular table, braced up for crane-lift. It has a seating arrangement for 22 people who all are strapped well before takeoff. A dedicated team of security staff and chefs accompanies the group. The seats are adjustable to individual needs. One can swivel left and right and relax on an adjustable backrest. To stretch out the legs, there is enough space in front of the seat. A customized footrest is also provided.

Food and drinks at Dinner in the Sky

Food isn’t prepared up in the air. It is prepared on the ground and taken up in ready- to- eat form. The party begins with an appetizer followed by the main dinner, and dessert at the end. After the platform is hoisted up in the air, the food is served to the customers by the on-board chefs. The dining lasts for an hour and 15 minutes, during which a 3-course meal is provided along with and fruit juices and water. There are other attractions too, like the display of fireworks. But most riveting is the swing and swagger of suspension and the all-round spectacle of space therefrom.

A chef preparing food for the diners at Dinner in the Sky restaurant.

A chef preparing food for the diners. (Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr)

Fine dinning at Dinner in the Sky restaurant.

Fine dining at the restaurant. (Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr)

The revelry is well insured and perfectly safe

The sky event begins with the clients going through the registration process and safety briefing 45 minutes before the take-off. Participants are then secured in their seats with a 3-point safety belt. With safety checks scrupulously carried out, the platform is hoisted up in the air with crane machine. The process is perfectly safe, certified as it is with TUV Rhineland, Germany, the global provider of technical, safety, and certification services. Security on the platform remains in contact with ground staff by way of radio as well as hand signals. Once tied to the seat, safety belts can’t be opened without security help. Toilet facility is available all through the sky time. DITS is not just for dining in the sky, but also for social and business events. An appropriate insurance cover goes with each event and that makes it safe in every which way. Thus, every second of fun and feasting 150 feet above the ground, becomes magical and memorable.

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Special thanks to Kārlis Dambrāns for releasing photos of Dinner in the Sky under Creative Commons license.

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